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Job: Senior Level Designer

Active since 18-07-2017 Job category Engineering - Design
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Being a level designer is an amazing job -- you get to assemble, populate, and orchestrate a tiny world, full of its own inhabitants, stories, and amazing places to discover. You get to play with a huge toy box of models, characters, enemies, objects, and interactions to construct a pocket universe and, often, you get to help make a bunch of new toys that are needed for the fantastic ideas that you and the rest of your level team came up with. You get to make moments and places that people will remember for the rest of their lives.


At Double Fine, we’re making Psychonauts 2 and we’re giving level designers the biggest toy box imaginable to play with -- the HUMAN MIND. We’re looking for a Senior Level Designer with wild creativity and technical acumen to help us imagine the best, most inventive, most mind-bending mental landscapes possible and then design, layout, build, script, test, polish, and ship them.

We’re looking for a designer to work in an environment of strong collaboration, regular mentorship, respectful critique, and creative empowerment. We’ll need to you to drive the level creation process from a design perspective inside a multidisciplinary level team, while also not being constrained creatively by the basic physical laws of reality. We want to make the best game Double Fine has ever shipped and we want you to help us -- please, come join our team!

Double Fine is an inclusive company. We believe that a diverse team leads to best games. To help us increase the diversity of our team, we like to specifically encourage folks from underrepresented groups to apply.

Take primary design ownership of multiple gameplay levels from inception to completion, driving overall design quality, technical implementation, and playtesting and iteration, based high-level creative direction, project goals, and shared design principles.
Bring creative ideas, technical expertise, and problem solving to assigned levels through inspiration and expertise from inside and outside of games.
Lead a multidisciplinary level team of artists and programmers to create polished, memorable, narrative-driven 3D game levels that work in harmony with the project's creative goals, narrative, and themes.
Work closely with a level artist to build levels from first implementation through completion, including building layouts, placing actors and markup, and scripting gameplay.
Mentor junior designers and other team members on level design and technical development best practices.
Assist design leadership in evaluating and improving workflows and processes. Serve as an expert client for design tools in development through articulating requirements, providing feedback, and driving iteration with programmers.
Use a variety of written, visual, and interactive tools to communicate level design concepts and prototypes during level development.
Collaborate with gameplay programmers, level artists, animators, audio designers and other departments to to design, implement, and polish level-specific gameplay features, such as unique player mechanics, bosses, and level-specific enemies.
Represent design best practices for level design, gameplay, and scripting to the multidisciplinary level team during concepting, development, iteration and polish.
Maintain an expert level knowledge of the current state and trends in regards to project genre, tools, and competing games. Conduct regular research into past and present games and game productions to inform current project goals and process.

Must be legally authorized or able to immediately obtain legal authorization to work in the US.
At least 5 years of game design experience in a level design or similar role, with at least one shipped game as a level designer.
Demonstrated ability to create 3D levels that merge well-paced gameplay with narrative delivery.
Ability to thrive in a highly-iterative, collaborative, creatively-lead development environment.
Experience and interest in working on narrative-driven games, with a strong focus in interactive / visual storytelling through level design and gameplay.
Demonstrated proficiency with one or more current 3D game engines, scripting languages, and 3D authoring/editing tools.
Strong understanding of the game market and ability to think about, dissect, and discuss games from a critical perspective.
Advanced written and spoken English skills.
Able to work autonomously, alone or in groups, when empowered with clear direction and trust.
Solid, demonstrated ability designing, tuning, and balancing gameplay and levels.


Background or experience in fine art, writing, music, or other creative discipline.
Experience as a level designer on 3D platform games.
Experience as a designer on narrative-driven games.
Experience with Unreal 4.

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Job category Engineering - Design
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